Get Ready For Summer With This Black And Grey Korean Two Pieces Off Shoulder Long To Knee Dress!

For that lazy casual summer day with the sun blazing and sweat dripping, who needs to smell foul and look sweaty when you can wear something comfortable and light yet still look fashionable and trendy? This DRESS is just the one for you Ñ even I can say so for myself. ItÕs a two piece layer set so it can be either dressed up or dressed down. For the chic, feminine vibe, wear something that will make this ensemble fit your body like a glove, say maybe a thin belt around the waist and a bold statement piece like a fancy drop down necklace or a sparkly shiny one. To mix things up and make it more casual, opt for a nice pair of flat shoes paired with little tiny details like a pair of studded earrings or a dainty necklace.

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Regal Sophistication With This Pink Chiffon V Neck Floor Length Gown Now At 82% Off!

Sway your way to the prom or even on a special formal dinner occasion with this DRESS that completely looks very sophisticated, chic and very feminine with a hint of sexiness without showing too much skin! It will look stunning when paired with the right accessories like, say maybe, a gold statement necklace and a pair of sparkly bold studded earrings. This will especially look great when you put your hair up to place the focus on the dress. It has a perfect style and the perfect flow that will surely make all eyes in he party on you, for sure!

Pink Chiffon V Neck Floor Length Gown
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Lovely Floral Wedding Cake

 photo pink-peach-flowers-on-wedding-cake_zpsu0nrjb0b.jpg

As for the wedding, not only wedding gowns and the venue of the celebration are one important. Because we have to consider this giant lovies here that can make your whole wedding memorable as the attendees are more keen to see on how elegant and lovely your cake is. Yes! I was preferring with the cakes.

Actually, a lot of couple are having an hard time on which kind of cake they should have as they peers are lking to see more on how the cake looks like that is why others ended up having several cakes for more selections. Like for example with my own friend, theyve ordered 3 different cakes for their wedding alone though I am a bit fascinated and still not practical to do on these days economy. But it’s still up to you though if you have some extra bucks to spend, why not having some, right?

But for you who has limited budget like I do, I may suggest you to have these floral kind of cakes. Because these cakes are the one demand and they can give an quirky look at the venue as you placed it off at the middle.

Below, I’ll be including some floral cakes designs for you to consider.

 photo Floral-Wedding-Cakes_zpslnu4vuxa.jpg

These are the cakes ideas for your wedding. But bear in mind that not all the flowers can be the center piece as we need to pick those non poisonous kind of flowers. You can ask some bakers or florist to know on which one’s better to use for your cake.

Trends: Floral Wedding Gown

 photo tumblr_nk9iizC9G11qz86ovo2_r1_1280_zpsghhosjrk.jpg

I know most of you wants to have the most memorable wedding day because that’s one of the lifetime experience, unless you’re keen to have your second wedding in the future uh! lol.. So how you can make your own wedding memorable and remarkable? well, there’s a bunch of ways you can make and do for your own wedding to be that awesome as you wanted it be to happened.

Firstly, you must have a great venue, gardens and castle like venue are great to consider for you to have these quirky set up that am sure most of your sponsors will amazed about. Also, you can have your cake simple but make it unique by placing some gold dust which can turns head as it’s placed at the middle of the crowd.

Second, you can make a list of the awesome wedding crafts to use for you to use as to spice up the whole ceremony. I must suggest you a colored bottles to hang anywhere inside and outside the wedding wall for the accentual.

Also, if you fond n surprises, you can make your husband amazed in you by making your own prod, either you can sing or dance must do – or better yet to do both just don’t forget to practice your way.

And lastly, you must have to have an awesome wedding dress that mostly women out there can envy about. I must suggest you to find this floral wedding dress which one most picked kind of wedding dresses today. Though, classic kind of dresses are still in trend and yet having an very different type of dresses are must of consider as people today are liking to see unusual thing as we talk about in each wedding.

Wedding: Themes & Motifs

 photo 1-1200x580_zpshkzczygh.jpg

It is given that venue and dresses of the bride to be and its maids are one main topic as you are preparing on your wedding. But you know what? there’s still one most important thing that you should take seriously as you keen to have the most memorable kind of wedding, Which is the theme and motifs of your weddings. Others aren’t that fond on taking this especially those who liking to have such simply and not so luxurious type of wedding like what mostly people do. But on my own perspective, at least you should get your wedding day in proper as it is done once for the life time and this was the day as well that you gonna surrender all for your loved ones just to start a new begging together and with your future children.

 photo 20-decoupage-wedding-crafts-youll-love_zpsl7bsrwwd.jpg

How to pick Motifs or Themes?

Well, usually bride has one responsible in this as a woman are more sensible than guy. Hence, we should do this job openly and happily. My tips, just pick a color you truly likes then try to corporate it with your wedding gowns and sorts of crafts to use and most specially on the flowers and bouquet you’re about to hold till end of the wedding ceremony. By doing this, you can easily have your own wedding motif base on your personality and liking.

And if you are that creative and your imagination aren’t that vivid to work. I then suggest you to have any professional who works on the field of wedding and the usual term for them was ” wedding coordinator or planner” you can either check them online if possible for you to do or ask any of your friends who done their wedding recently because they might worked hand on hand in any for you to consider.

 photo heartdoilies_zps0bbz3iki.jpg

Okay, that will be all for now and please keep on tuning in for more wedding related posts here and am gonna shares some of the crafts I really like to have even the ones Ive gone seen as I attended weddings my way.

Wedding Tiara & Veil

 photo tiara_zpsp7chmmaf.jpg

In the wedding, not only the gowns and dresses of you and your maids are ones important. But also the accessories that you may use to doll-up yourself for this specially occasion you’ll about to take in. And if you are asking me then on which one you should have for you to be more looking elegant and luxurious while walking in the aisle for your wedding, I then suggest you to have the royal tiara like this one, the photo on top, because it can gives an princess like appeal as you wears one of it. You can actually check out online for the selections of this wedding tiara because online is the best place or venue to find such awesome and quirky finds such as this royal tiara.

 photo lace-and-tulle-wedding-veil-with-blush-pink-flower.original_zpslwwsqn4c.png

On the other hand, you should pair it up with an elegant veil too, that you could buy off in any wedding stores. Then again, I suggest you to have look online as I am fond of buying online also online stores has a lot to offer than those mortar stores nears you. Just make sure that your veil itself can really compliment on the tiara you’ve got because there’s instant that the veil needs to be contrast on the tiara hence it will turn out good to you.


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