The Brogues Shoes

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Might you’re already familiar with this type of shoes called Brogues. Might your father are rocking to it at his times back then and might your grandfather used to wear this too on his business meeting and such related at his times too. Yeah! this Brogues Shoes are pretty oldies, however though, as this fashion evolves and as this fashion icons and enthusiasts are pretty inspired on these promising old finds and designs. This Brogues Shoes are now coming back for this generation for us to rock in with for our styling in both casual and formal wears.

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I compile some styling and outfits on how you can wear the Brogues shoes in different ways. I prefer the Asian’s way wearing it which comes with the skinny ankle pants like on how the guy wears it below:

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Indeed! Brogues Shoes are the one must-have today as you wanted yourself to be in hip and dope. No worries! the shoes is where-over and might your fave brands has it on their store’s shelves already. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll find this post quite informative as you, yourself wanted to be in trend on today’s fashion.

The SevenFriday P1—Edgy Modern Meets Retro Classic

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Modern matchmaking can be said to get started together with the Rolex Oyster-the first commercially successful waterproof watch-from the 1920s. New trends and fads went and came, but watches stayed virtually the same, at least from a design standpoint. (We won’t go deep into quartz versus mechanical movements, we’re just talking design here.) The styling of your Oyster was very much the standard for decades. Watches tended to become round or square, to possess three hands, and to share very similar design elements. Today, watches like the new sevenfriday watch are turning the previous paradigms on their own head. They are doing it with exciting new design elements that still manage to echo the traditions of the past.

New Designs To Get A New Century

Swiss watch brands like Urwerk and MB&F started to seriously change how we think and appear about modern watch design, as the 20th century came to a close in the late1990s. Their watches looked industrial. They were edgy and very, very hip. MB&F even loves to call their watches “horological machines.” They discover their whereabouts more as works of mechanical sculpture, not simply as timepieces. It appears obvious the timekeeping function is of secondary importance in the design philosophy of makers like MB&F. With the amount of people obtaining the time from their smartphones nowadays, they are probably onto something with putting an emphasis on design over timekeeping. That sort of modern-or futuristic- thinking is unquestionably at work in the design of one of several coolest watches we’ve noticed in a long time: The SevenFriday P1.

Th initial thing you notice regarding the P1 will be the dial. On first blush, it seems to be a little complicated and too busy. If is actually a tourbillon or possibly a chronograph or what, you wonder.

But no, it’s just an ingeniously-designed three-hand watch with 24-hour indicator. The large gear-looking hand on top is for the minutes, the short bronze-colored hand underneath is the hours hand, along with the register at 9 o’clock is a 24-hour indicator. The register at 5 o’clock is for the seconds. The cutaway dial around 7 o’clock provides a glimpse of the sturdy automatic Miyota movement’s balance-the heart of the watch- as it beats. It’s an intriguing and visually arresting dial arrangement.

The dial might be what first catches the eye with the P1, but the unique square case is equally attractive. It features contrasting textures of polished and brushed surfaces and shows a pleasing and careful attention to detail. The dial is in fact rather understated in comparison to the five-layer dial, and this classic touch keeps the watch grounded and prevents the P1 looking too far out (or cheap). It actually carries a steampunk design quality. You are able to almost imagine Dr. Who wearing one. This old school attention to design detail mates well with all the edgy modernity of the P1’s dial and the end result is amazing-it’s retro and edgy classic, all simultaneously.

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If your P1 or any fine mechanical watch needs service, make sure you consider rolex watch repair. They have true CW-21 Watchmakers and authorized factory parts accounts as well as their impeccable services are attractively priced.

A.P.C. 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

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A.P.C. unveiled its 2014 Fall/Winter collection which mainly consists of the French cool designs. The collection consists of high quality luxurious overcoats. These come in different styles and designs. They are made from high quality woolen and nylon fabrics which make them look stylish and gorgeous.

They are available in different colors, of blue, checked grey, brown,  grey and blue. They come in the knee-long styles and short casual ones. All the overcoats come with matching trousers which are also of high quality. The trousers are mostly casual and are all precise fits. They appear in different colors and are made from high quality woolen fabrics. In the collection, are also high quality casual shirts.

They appear in different designs and colors. Most of them are short sleeve. Suits are also found in the collection. These are in two piece and come in different colors. They are made from high quality woolen materials. Each suit comes with a matching overcoat which makes it look very stylish. A good collection of t-shirts are also available. They appear in different colors and designs.

They are available in long sleeve and short sleeve and match very well with the overcoats. Different types of shoes are also among the collections. They are of high quality and are in different designs; they are available in both casual and official wear. They are made from high quality leather fabric and are durable. They match well with the trousers and suits.

Style September 2013 by Massimo Pamparana

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 photo 002-style-september-2013-massimo-pamparana_zpsd0db6c60.jpg

 photo 007-style-september-2013-massimo-pamparana_zps1f73ac64.jpg

In the September issue of the style magazine, there is a fashion editorial called ‘I primi dalla classe’ meaning top of the class which contains a selection of wonderful suits by stylist Luca Roscini. The elegant looking suits are modeled by various high profile personalities like Janis Ancens, Adrian Bosch, Alexander Vander, and Ryad Slimani among others. The suits are available in different styles, designs and colors.

There is the dark blue two piece suit made of thick woolen fabric. It comes with a woolen light blue overcoat to match and a spotted tie. It also matches well with a blue tie. The suit is available in both two and three piece. The suits are also available in dark brown thick woolen fabric which is also available in two piece and three piece and comes with a matching long sleeved shirt and a blue tie. There is also the checked woolen grey suit. This is one of the best collections among Roscini’s suits. It comes in two piece style with a matching beautiful black overcoat.

It matches well with a stripped long sleeved shirt and a checked tie. Other popular styles available are the two piece woolen suit with a slit at the back. It comes in different colors of grey, dark grey, blue, and black. Very beautiful double breasted suits are also among Roscini’s collections and they are made from very high quality wool and silk fabrics.

All Roscini’s suits are made from very high quality fabric, mostly original wool and silk. They are all hand made by very skilled craftsmen who carry out the work with utmost skill and precision.

Make your wedding your own

“You and your beloved girl have gone through so much together. From that very first blind date at the Korean BBQ place all the way to that morning that you took a knee and asked her to spend the rest of your life with you, you’ve known she was a needle in a haystack.

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How on Earth can you show her how much you love her? Trust me, this problem is as common as any good problem can be, but it doesn’t make it any less important. To show your beloved you love her, cliché is your greatest enemy. Cliché ideas are easy and obviously overdone, and when it comes to your wedding you want to be fresh. You want your friends and family to have a new event by which to compare all others. Start by walking down the aisle in such style that you will command the eyes of everyone in attendance. Garnish your wrists with a pair of sevenfriday watches and show the world that you won’t be bogged down by what is expected.

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If you’re feeling really daring, get your beloved a feminine and impeccably constructed Rolex watch. If you just contact the nearest rolex service you will be amazed at just what they have to offer in the form of a classy Rolex watch for women. We often think of Rolex watches as being for men, but they have such elegant and graceful styles to accommodate a woman as well.

Your look, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to being original, all you have to do is find those ideas that you love, and turn them into your own. Experiment with new and exciting foods and hire a live band that doesn’t play any with a little bit of ethnic flare. You can even have your guests learn how to do a specific style of dance.

My personal favorite way to enjoy a wedding and remember it as better and different from the rest is at an exciting location. Yes, destination weddings are expensive, but you weed out your decent friends from your great ones and you’ll all have the times of your lives.

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May I please suggest a Caribbean beach wedding? There are so many exciting and unparalleled beach resorts that you can employ to fulfill your most romantic dreams. Imagine taking your closest friends and family out on a sailboat and watching the dolphins swim by. Then imagine arriving back at the beach resort and seeing a white canopy set up just for you and your beloved future wife to stand beneath as your vows are read. There are infinite ways to make your wedding new and different, the only limit is your imagination, and of course the size of your pocketbook. However, this could just encourage you to be more creative! Budgets are important, but often times when money isn’t an issue, there’s less reason to struggle to find something to make your wedding experience new, so if you can’t fly all of your friends down to an island, it may just be an opportunity to come up with something better. It’s a blessing in disguise.

Personalized Items As Gifts

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Isn’t it great to receive gifts that are truly different from the rest? Unique presents are usually the ones you treasure and remember for many years. This holiday season I’ve decided to give my loved ones personalized gifts. Not only are they more practical, they’re also usually cheaper. I’ve started going to malls and searching the internet for websites that provide such services and have come across Easy Canvas Prints. Here you can turn your pictures into custom canvas prints which can then be used as decoration in your home or as presents.

The whole process of personalizing your canvas prints is easy and fast because of their design tool. Even a child can do it. Simply upload any photograph then choose the size, custom border, and depth. The outcome of your canvas will depend on your preference. You can likewise choose whether it’s standard .75″ or gallery wrapped 1.5″ finished sides or custom canvas wrapped sides with image wrap, mirrored wrap, or custom hex code colors. The final product comes in a classic semi-gloss finish.

They make use of giclee prints made from archival inks while the canvas is a cotton-based material. They have other services like Black & White or Sepia Conversion, and Retouching. Other services like Photo Collages and Multi–Canvas Collages are available offline. Furthermore, they have art professionals who can retouch your canvas prints if ever they’re not to your liking. Other websites that customize items are Allied Shirts for custom T-shirts and Build a Sign which creates custom signs.

Ps: Good News! Easy Canvas is now on sale and you can have their canvases discounted up to 50% off. Check here: for more details.

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