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Many people nowadays prefer online shopping to other forms of shopping and the proliferation of online stores that sell everything from apparel to food is a proof of that. Many entrepreneurs have made a fortune out of this and it’s very likely to go on and become even more popular. This is a good thing because consumers have more choices as to which items they’re going to purchase and where they want to get them. Since the market for this business is competitive, stores should set themselves apart from the competition by being different and offering goods and services that shoppers will find hard to resist. A way to keep shoppers interested is affordable goods because this is a way to save money.

If you like shopping a lot or have your own business, it’s very practical to purchase wholesale items. For businesses, you’ll have more profit since you’ll purchase the products at a lower price while for frequent shoppers, you’ll be able to save as well. You can buy wholesale clothing, accessories etc. as many as you want at a much reduced price. You can also give out the items you shopped as gifts to your family and friends during special occasions.

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How To Make Your Proposal The Most Perfect Thing Ever

When you propose to your other half, you naturally want it to be one of the most special moments of your lives. Of course using the word perfect can be a little dangerous – it can make you feel anxious and worry that things won’t go just as you planned them. However, the tips here can help you to make your proposal as stress free and amazing as possible!

Make Sure It Suits Their Personality

One thing that is absolutely essential about this proposal, is that it suits their personality. If they are the shy and retiring type, then they are probably not going to want to be proposed to at a football game or anything that’s going to draw too much attention. Think about their likes, dislikes and character quirks to work out what would make them the happiest, and hopefully surprise them the most too. If it’s not a surprise, it just isn’t the same!

Really Take Your Time Selecting The Ring

Make sure you take your time choosing the ring. The ring says a lot about how much you know about this person. It’s a good idea to do some detective work beforehand. This will help you to figure out what their ring size is, along with the sort of styles they prefer to wear. Make sure you take your time to learn about diamonds too. It could even be a good idea to think outside of the box. For instance, you could go for a vintage style ring instead. Tacori have all kinds of styles you could choose from.



Be Pretty Sure They’re Going To Say Yes

If you’re not sure whether your other half is going to say yes, you probably shouldn’t be asking. You should have been together long enough to know whether they are going to agree or decline. Your relationship should be in a good place too – if you have lots of problems, don’t think that asking them to marry you is going to change anything, because you’ll be in for a nasty surprise!

Try Not To Act Too Weirdly Beforehand

It can be so easy to get caught up in how things are going to go, you actually begin to act a little weird around your other half. You might even snap at them. You don’t want them to be in a bad mood when you ask them to marry you! Try to stay calm and be yourself.

Don’t Make It A Cliche

Try not to make your engagement a cliche. For instance, proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower or hiding the ring in their food. Be creative and really think about them when you plan what you’re going to do!

Hopefully these tips will help you to relax and plan a perfect proposal for your other half. If you really want to impress them, you could even consider how they’d feel about you asking their parents for permission. It might win you some extra brownie points! Leave your thoughts below!


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Don’t Forget To Put These Important Details On Your Wedding Invitations!

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Once you have the list of who you want to invite to your big day, you need to make sure you sort your wedding invitations. They aren’t as easy as you think as there are some very crucial details you cannot forget to include on your wedding invite.

Who the invite is from

It’s important to decide whether or not you are putting the invite from the bride’s parents. Traditionally, the invite would state the bride’s parents names and surname. They would be requesting the guests to attend the wedding of their daughter to her partner. But nowadays, as many couples have split, it is often the case to be from the bride and the groom.

Who’s invited

Make sure the invites say clearly who’s invited to the wedding. You don’t want your guests to invite extra people, so make sure you state whether they can or cannot bring someone. As it says here, you should include the children’s names otherwise, their parents might not think they are invited too. Also, make sure you have spelt the names correctly on the invite. It often leads to an embarrassing situation if you have spelt the wrong name. As we discuss here, you should double check the Handmade wedding invitations for errors before the final proofs are created.

What they are invited for

Make sure you put clearly what your guests are invited for. You may ask some people to the whole day while others may only be invited to the wedding reception. So that your guests can know how much of the day they need to book off work, make sure you put whether they are only coming for the evening. It helps them to plan in advance and make necessary arrangements such as babysitters and taxi firms.

The times of the wedding

You need to put the wedding times on the invites so that they are not late for your wedding. You don’t want people to ask constantly what time they should be there. You should also state whether the ceremony begins at that point, so they know whether they have to be there before. Also, indicate what time the Wedding Breakfast and Reception will start so that they know what time these will happen if they can only make part of the day.

Ask them for any dietary requirements

If your guests are coming for the wedding reception, you will need to know whether they have any dietary requirements. You don’t want to serve your guests dinner that they are allergic to. Your venue will ask you in advance what everyone wants, and will need to know any dietary requirements. You should not give your guests a choice of menu options because this will complicate sorting out the food for everyone. But you can tell them there is a vegetarian option if they would prefer that.

Full addresses of the venue and ceremony

Another important detail you need to add to your wedding invitations is the full name and address of the venue and ceremony. If they are going to be at separate addresses, then it is essential that you put the details there so that they can organise transport from one to the other. You should also give them an email and telephone number of the venue so that they can ring if they do get lost. Some of your guests may be driving miles and not be aware of the area. For extra help, some couples add in a map of the area and how to get between the venues.

Accommodation for your guests

A wedding day is a long day for guests and they will be looking for some accommodation to rest their heads after such a busy day. If they have come from a long way away, they also will need somewhere to stay before making the journey back the next day. As discussed here, you should tell them if there is accommodation at the venue, and if there isn’t, where they could stay instead. If you are getting married at a hotel, they generally put aside some rooms for the wedding guests. You could even give them a list of hotels and prices.

Follow the above, and your invites will look great. Don’t forget to add a date for RSVP in your invites. If you don’t hear back from guests, it can delay everything from table arrangements to wedding favours. Try and give them, at least a month, to make a decision on whether they can make it to your big day.

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How to Organise a Vintage Style Wedding

Vintage weddings are still incredibly popular and remain bang on trend for 2016. Styles dating back to the early 20th century are still in vogue.  From lush lace to palettes of dusty hues, shabby chic has a significant influence on the trends of today. If you want to go as far back as the 1920s or be hip with a rockabilly wedding the choice is entirely yours.  It pays to start organising your wedding in plenty of time when you’re trying to stick to a particular theme.  Especially when that theme is retro or vintage! Give yourself lots of time to set round antique fairs and charity shops to find perfect pieces for your big day.



Choosing a venue

When you’re choosing your site, you want somewhere that has lots of characters and is in keeping with your theme.  Some of the most popular wedding venues are up well in advance.  If you have more than one menu in mind and are willing to be flexible,  then you might get lucky at short notice.  If you’re trying to save cash, then remember that weekdays are cheaper to get married on than a Saturday.

THE dress

One of the highlights of a vintage wedding has to be your dress.  And why shouldn’t it be?  It’s your big day so you should be the star of the Show and the Belle of the ball.  If you can’t find the right vintage dress and sometimes, it can be hard sizing is awkward.  Especially if you’re  curvy. A lot of old garments are made in tiny sizes. Why not check out Vivien of Holloway for reproduction dresses. They only cost a fraction of what an average wedding gown usually will set you back.

Colours Matter

Pick your colours carefully. Keep your palette subtle and don’t choose anything too bright. That could ruin your overall look completely. Consider muted, dusty tones like red and green, or go for pastels to keep it perfect. You can set the theme from the moment you send invites, and keep it going through the big day. These retro wedding invitations from Paper Themes are ideal, and they won’t blow a big hole in your budget.

Decorations and Tables.

This is where your creative juices can really start flowing! From name plates to table centrepieces you can stamp your own style on your most special day. Think shabby chic items like old crates, vintage suitcases and old bicycles. Blackboards are a great way to convey information and still be stylish. Don’t be scared to experiment. It’s your wedding, after all, and you want it to reflect your personalities as a couple It’s the beginning of the rest of your lives together, so start it in style, but don’t forget to have fun.

Have you had a vintage wedding? We’d love to see your pictures and share your tips. You can leave them in the comments here, or why not talk to us on twitter?

Elegant From Dresses From ViviDress.co.uk

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Every young lady dreamed was to go on the date with the man they have crush on, you know what’s the puppy love all the say when you were just in high school and starting to have this uneasy feeling when every time you sees someone that has special sparks on your eye. Yes! that would be the age where you’ll begin to fall in love with to your opposite gender. At this time too, you can experience too on how it’s be like to be in the date as mostly of the school these days are once hosting this event called promenade hence young ladies should dress their best in this night as they want to show to everybody on how they bloomed they were and now a young lady with their own conviction and maturity already.

As this occasion comes, I know most of the students even parents are quite stressed out to know on what are these trendiest pieces and gowns that their honey should rock the night. But no worries, because I knew one shop called http://www.ViviDress.co.uk where all the chic and elegant type of dresses were houses. And other good thing was, their each dresses specifically their prom dresses are these cheap that everyone could avail without thinking off twice as it was a real deal to have.

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You can actually check over their Prom Dresses UK here: https://www.vividress.co.uk/occasion-dresses/prom-dresses-uk.html for more selections and designs that can fits in your personality and tastes when it comes to dresses. Also, if you have any plan, anytime soon, to walks in the aisle? no worries then, because the shop also caters wedding dresses and some bridesmaid gowns that can truly amazed you as you have checked them over their shop!! So what are you waiting for? go shop today at Vividress.co.uk and have the most chic and elegant gown for your occasion..

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